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Encourage and lift one another up!

Welcome to The Sage Sparrow‚ a unique little card company with an emphasis on encouragement. Our card line may be small but opportunities to use them to touch lives are abundant. When we offer encouragement to others, we ourselves become encouraged. Quite something, how that works!

Meaningful words and beautiful illustrations merge with the unique. A short story on the back of each card is sure to touch your heart. These stories provided inspiration for the illustrations and the meaningful messages within. Some cards fit specific occasions; others have opportunity to be the perfect card in a variety of situations. Be creative in their use! In a time when much communication is electronic and fleeting, a thoughtful message in the mailbox is everlasting and can be profound. In times such as we live, you needn't look far, to see someone who could use your encouragement.

To view all our cards, select the Products tab. Stay a while with us. It is our sincere hope that you find words of encouragement here.




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